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1995 Hillside & Street Restoration - South Oak Road, San Anselmo CA

Rock buttress and bulkhead repair of slope failure in hillside in Marin County.  Severe economic restrictions resulted in ideal plan and implementation of the removal of slide debris, benching and keying hillside for subdrains and jigsaw placement of rip-rap taken from the Lake Herman quarry in Vallejo.  Oversteepened slope flattened and supported by cantilever soldier beam wall at toe along roadway, which remained operational throughout construction..                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

1994 Deep Braced Trench - Islais Creek Transport/Storage, San Francisco CA

1993 Prestressed Concrete Piles - Schoonmaker Floating Marina, Sausalito CA


1992 Post-Tensioned Slab Foundations - Hanna Ranch, Hercules CA

1991 Deep Retained Excavation - Rincon Center, San Francisco CA

1990 Underpinning & Foundations - Napier Lane, San Francisco CA

1989 Earthwork & Expansive Soil - Diamond Oaks, Bakersfield CA

1988 Concrete Vessel Settlement - Waste Treatment, Watsonville CA

1987 Precast Concrete Crib Walls - Hilltop/Bayview Apartments, Richmond CA


1986 Deep Retained Excavation & Underpinning - Westlake Center, Seattle WA

1985 Site Response & Foundation - Candlestick Park, San Francisco CA


1984 Landslide & Precast Foundations - Barbados Drive, San Ramon CA


1983 Cantilever Breakwater - Fisherman's Wharf/Pier 39, San Francisco CA


1982 Cliff Road Residence Bulkhead & Dock - Richardson Bay, Belvedere CA


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