School On Fault Feasibilty Study, Berkeley

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 1880 Davis Farm, at Spruce & Marin.  Grotto Rock
 (now Grotto Rock Park,
given to City by Mason McDuffie
 in 1917),
is at far left on the current Santa Barbara Road

 1890 Davis' saloon "The Bayview", at Spruce & Marin
 on future site of Cragmont Elementary School
 (© Berkeley Historical Society)

 1907 (John Aronovici, BHS)  1912 Map (Inkstone)  1925 First Cragmont School (© BHS)  1933 Second Cragmont School, Auxiliary Classroom Building (BAHA)

 1926-1975 Second Cragmont School (Ratcliff Architects) - N of Marin Avenue, S of Regal Road, W of Regal Road, E of Spruce Street  Berkeley Unified School District


 c.1940 (courtesy Anthony Bruce, BAHA)
 1976-1989 Third Cragmont School (Sanborn Map)

 1993 Geotechnical Investigation & Feasibility Study for Fourth Cragmont Elementary School (Third Cragmont closed after 1989 Loma Prieta Earthquake)

 Topography (USGS)  Fault Zone (Berkeley)  Seismic Hazards (CGS)  Slope Stability (AKA)

 Geology & Hayward Fault (Dibblee 1980)
 Landslide & Colluvial Deposits (Nilsen 1975)  

 Fault Breaks (Radbruch-Hall 1974)
 Fault Traces (Lienkaemper 1992)

 Geomorphology  Engineering Geology

 EG Cross Sections  Exploratory Trench Log

 Exploratory Boring Logs (1964)  Exploratory Boring Logs (1975)
 Plasticity Chart (1993)

 Fault & Landslide Setbacks  Fault Clearance Zone

 Model (Elbasani & Logan 1995)  Site Plan
 Floor Plan

  "White Clay"deposits were derived from hydrothermal alteration
extensive weathering of the Mezozoic-age Northbrae Rhyolite

Marcy Wong Donn Logan Architects

Cragmont Elementary School, Berkeley

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