Embarcadero Pier Restoration, San Francisco

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 Concrete Piles
           Green:  Minor cracking and minor spalling, no exposed rusted reinforcing.
           Orange:  Cracking and major spalling, exposed rusted reinforcing above water line.
           Pink:  Major cracking and major spalling into capital, exposed very rusted reinforcing above water line
, some reinforcing rusted through.

 Concrete Girders & Beams
           Yellow:  Minor cracking and spalling, no exposed rusted reinforcing.
           Brown:  Lower 1/4 major spalling and very rusted or missing reinforcing.
           Red:  Lower 1/4, same as brown with spalling, cracking and rusted reinforcing in upper 3/4 of member.

  Concrete Deck Slab (from below)
           Green:  Very minor or no repair required.
           Orange:  2% to 15% exposed and rusted reinforcing.
           Pink:  15% to 35%
exposed and rusted reinforcing.
           Brown:  35% to 75% exposed and rusted reinforcing.
           Red:  75% to 100% exposed and rusted reinforcing.       

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