SoMa Multi-Family Housing, San Francisco

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n Francisco Peninsula, 1851  Coast Survey of Mission Bay, USCS 1852-1853  Filled Areas of San Francisco & Mission Bay, 1852  Proposed Land Extensions, SF 1853


 Filled Areas in East SF, 1913  Original Coastline (Nichols 1971)  Bay Mud Contours (Joyner 1982)
 Earthquake Damages (EIC), 1868  Liquefaction Damages, SoMa 1906

 Liquefaction Damages (Foundation Failure), SoMa 1906  Aerial, SoMa East Neighborhood, 1938  Aerial, SoMa East Neighborhood, 2013  Maher Map, 2013

 Architect, 1920  6th & Folsom, looking SE, Rhine Candy L of tracks, 1926
 Fairchaild Aerial, 1931
 Original Shoreline (ASCE 1932)  Street Map, 1976

 Geology: Mission Swamp (Schlocker 1974)  Bedrock Contrours (DeLisle 1973)  Bedrock Contrours (Schlocker 1974)  Seismic Hazards (CA 2000)

 351-367 6th Street, Interior (Warehouse then Church), 2010-2013

 351-367 6th Street, corner of Clara Street, 2013  351-367 6th Street, oblique of side along Clara Street, 2013  351-367 6th Street, side along Clara Street w/filled fenestration, 2013

 278 Clara Street, 1966  278 Clara Street, 2013  351-367 6th Street & 278 Clara Street, 2013

 Mission Swamp: Original shoreline & subsidence area prone to flooding (Composites)

 Borings 1931-1978
 Boring 2013

 Clara Street Near 6th Street - Sewer Repair

 Multiple Sunken Street Pavements Along Building on Clara Street Exposed 11/3/14

 Clara Street Near 6th Street

 Site Conditions Along Clara Street 11/3/15

 Shipley & Clara Streets

 6th Street

 Tu Lan

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