Maybeck Presidio Heights Shoring Shortage, San Francisco

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 1909 - BRM.  2013


 2005 - P&T.  Kitchen foundation details offset at property line unknown and undocumented.
 2006 - Note "1. (E) Foundation conditions to be verified by contractor in the field."  Undocumented before and after construction.

2014 - Basement & underfloor obstructions (terracotta walls, brick, ducts, plaster/asbestos, piping/plumbing, electrical, electornics/alarm wiring, conduit, fixtures, long term storage) to locating and measuring existing conditons of alterations and additions from 1909 to 2014.

2015 - Basement after storage and fixture removal before demolition and off-haul of vertical and lateral supporting concrete, brick, and wood framed walls.

 2015 - Basement during slab and underfloor removal, excavation, demolition of vertical and lateral supporting concrete, brick, and wood walls with no significant shoring and bracing.

 2015 - Undermining and removal of lateral support of west wall supporting three stories of building additions and remodeling to over 105 years with never retrofitted original foundations.

 2015 - Insuficient exposure around undocumented 1909-2006 composite foundation to design foundation substructure connection at property line (January into Early February).

 2015 - Bowing inward of kitchen (east) wall midsection (End January into February).

 2014-2015 PARTNERS - HIGH END General Contractor & LOW END Subcontractor: Add-A-Garage              2015 - Not My Job Award

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